The Other Way Works is seeking a freelance Producer

February 26, 2018 by

The Other Way Works is seeking a Freelance Producer to join our team to deliver the development and 2019 tour of ‘A Moment of Madness’ – a brand new immersive theatre meets real-world-gaming experience from The Other Way Works in collaboration with game designer John Sear.

This is a key management role, working alongside the Artistic Director Katie Day to ensure that the project is delivered in a high-quality and timely manner.

For further information and application process, please download the full Job Pack PDF here.

The deadline for expressions of interest is Saturday 10th March at 5pm.

Our Kickstarter campaign to support our 2015 tour of Black Tonic is LIVE!

February 27, 2015 by

Our hotel-based interactive thriller Black Tonic is coming back for 2015. And our Kickstarter campaign to support the tour is now LIVE!


Black Tonic is a theatre adventure in the bedrooms and corridors of a hotel for 4 people at a time, Black Tonic explores the chaos caused by a disrupted body clock.

We have already raised 95% of the money we need to tour Black Tonic in 2015. We are launching this Kickstarter campaign to raise the final £3,000.

We’ve created some beautiful hotel-themed rewards, to thank you for backing this project. The Tea Towel, Limited Edition Framed Print, Card 3D Model Hotel Kit, and Do Not Disturb Door Hanger, all feature original hand-drawn illustrations created just for this Kickstarter.

Other rewards include: priority booking, a signed copy of the script, a pair of tickets to see Black Tonic, having a name of your choice featured in the show, a hotel mini-break, and privileged access to the creative process.

We’re really excited about bringing Black Tonic back for more people to enjoy. We want you to be a part of making that happen.

Make your pledge today!


Black Tonic Kickstarter Campaign

February 11, 2015 by

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise the final £3,000 we need for our upcoming tour of Black Tonic.

More soon…


2014 Tour Dates

February 18, 2014 by

Avon Calling is back on the road this spring & summer…

Curve, Leicester

Sat 12th April 2014
Sun 13th April 2014
– Avon Calling is part of Curve’s Inside Out Festival and is not on sale to the general public. Shows were won as part of a competition.

Warwick Arts Centre
Sat 10th May 3 & 7.30pm 2014
Sun 11th May 3 & 6.30pm 2014

Black Country Touring
Sat 21st June 2014
Sun 22nd June 2014
– Avon Calling is available for BCT Promoters and 2 performances are on sale directly to people living in the Black Country

The Lowry, Salford
Sat 12th July | 2 & 7.30pm 2014
Sun 13th July | 2 & 7.30pm 2014

Avon Calling 2012 Tour

February 21, 2012 by

Last weekend saw the start of our 2012 Tour of Avon Calling, kicking off in some considerable style in homes near to The Lowry, Salford.

The tour continues from March, heading to London (CPT’s Sprint Festival & artsdepot), Oxford Playhouse, Harrogate Theatre, and ending at Wales Millenium Centre’s Blysh Festival in July.

Further dates & locations in May & June are also about to be announced.

Click here for more info about dates and booking

Development Blog – Messing around on Bandstands in the snow – by Katherine Maxwell Cook

February 14, 2012 by

Two great actor/devisers helped Katie and I in the afternoon to begin to play with the instructional side of the piece. Gareth Nicholls and Lucy Ellinson listened, in turn, to both the male and female sides of the story – we also gave them specific, physical instructions to carry out.

Watching from a distance, we were able to see at which points the two participants interacted and where they were disconnected from each other. Afterwards we quizzed Gareth and Lucy on their experiences. They both expressed a greater desire to connect with the other participant. Currently we have not created many opportunities for interaction. The actors felt as though they were very much in their own world however there were a couple of ‘tingly’ moments as Gareth called them. He liked watching Lucy walk away from him at the very end of the male story. How do we make this ‘tingly’ for the female side of the story though? There is lots more to play with here and having physical bodies there really helps us with this.

We spent some time having a go at different actions which the two participants could do around the bandstand. A bit of eye contact and subtle flirting through the railings is a particular favourite. Anytime the two participants come closer together, the energy is raised and the stories really seem to take off. So some real potential to create powerful moments in these interactions.

The trick will be connecting the text with the actions in each story and then connecting the two stories with each other as well as the two different sets of actions. Sorry, did I hear someone say, ‘Well The Other Way Works always does like a challenge? Us? Nah!

Development Blog – Digging in at the Archives – by Katherine Maxwell Cook

February 13, 2012 by

A day trip to Wolverhampton had me stopping off at the local Archives in the beautiful Molineux Hotel Building. I spent hours going through past copies of The Express and Star to see if there were any adverts or articles about the bandstand in West Park.

I was trying to work out if concerts were happening there in 1946 or if they had been abandoned due to some kind of post war cut backs. I knew the bandstand had gone into disrepair during the second half of the twentieth century but I wasn’t sure when this began. I had to stay focused – much as I wanted to read about all local gossip of 1940s Wolverhampton and find out who had been scamming who, I was determined to find out something about the bandstand.

Eventually I stumbled on some adverts for concerts that were taking place on the bandstand in July and August. Various, mostly military bands from around the country would play on Sunday afternoons and evenings. You had to pay 3 shillings to get into the enclosure for music and dancing. I was really excited to discover these adverts as so far the stories depend on entertainment having taken place on the bandstands in that year. we would have been pretty stuck if we found out music and dancing was off the menu in 1946.

The Willenhall Siver Prize Band

In the archives I also discovered a short, experimental film made about West Park. There are various voices where people talk about their experiences of the park. It was interesting to hear that even in recent times, some people take refuge in the park because of racism or abuse experienced by going into town. A few older voices talked about dancing around the bandstand on wooden platforms which were built over the fields. A good specific detail which I’ll use in the stories to help embed them in the location.

One Minute Manifesto

February 10, 2011 by

A One Minute Manifesto by Katie Day, Artistic Director of The Other Way Works, as delivered at Forest Fringe in Edinburgh, August 2010.

Thanks to Lucy Ellinson for initiating the One Minute Manifesto phenomenon.

Standing here in the Forest Fringe I can’t help feeling that I’ll be preaching to the converted tonight, but that said, here we go…

My manifesto is aimed at theatre makers.

Now is the time for us to take ourselves less seriously. Breathe out. Let it go. Laugh at ourselves.

I’m the worst offender.

I was once heard saying with no irony “I’m a very serious person”.

I fiercely defend my patch, my company, my work, my ‘practice’ – Its a learned response.

It started in earnest at university. The constant jibes at my silly course that must just be messing around – even though we clocked up 40 hour weeks compared to the 6 of my friend studying geology. I imagine the ‘clowning classes’ didn’t help me to make my case.

More recently the endless meetings with Business Link advisors and the like, wanting a sensible business plan, a viable (meaning financially viable) business, laughing in my face about the concept of performing to less people in a night than you have performers in the cast.

No wonder I feel the need to be serious about my work. Its hard work, its my life, and I believe in it.

But now is the time to stop trying to do things the right way. Let’s stop aping the big guys. As Andy Field said at Shift Happens about technology – as artists we shouldn’t follow the rules about how the new tools are used, we should find new ways, and if we can we should break the internet.

We’ve seen big business fail, banks fall, now’s the time for our brand of collaborative innovation. What’s so wrong about a Ministry of Fun? Let’s get ready to lead the way, but not because we’ve learned how to wear a business suit and deliver financial forecasts, but because we know how to work together well, to have fun, to think differently, and to make beautiful things with just ourselves and our voices.

We’d like to thank our sponsors…

February 23, 2009 by

Plans are full steam ahead for performances of Black Tonic in Birmingham this Easter.

We are very pleased to welcome the Radisson SAS Hotel Birmingham as our hotel sponsor, and the performance’s venue.

We are also grateful to the support of The Sir Barry Jackson Trust, who have awarded a grant to support the Birmingham performances.

Information about booking will follow shortly.

Over land and sea

February 27, 2008 by

We’ve now set off on our voyage across land and sea to Thessaloniki in Greece.  We’ll be spending our time there collaborating with two wonderful greek scenographers (designers), and developing the aesthetic elements of our new performance Black Tonic


Together with the project’s film maker Chris Keenan, we’re hoping to put together a short video of our journey home featuring buses, ferries, trains, sea, mountains and Italian renaissance cities!  We’ll post it on the website once it’s done.

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