November 11, 2006

Apologies and a bit of writing

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Apologies everyone for wussing out on blog writing over the last 2 weeks of Treasured. It was quite a hard process towards the end, and I felt a bit too submerged to blog it. However the production was good I think, and Katie and I are considering the next steps for the project.Thanks to all who participated.

Now we’re in Helsinki – see Katie’s blog for travel details. I am doing some filming of our overland journey, and occasionally writing bits. Here’s a bit:

So much time spent waiting and wanting.
Snow has fallen.
Ships sail.
I wash my underwear in the hotel sink and dry it above the bath.
We are held up in the static brown comfort of the Radisson.
In the night I have two dreams,

of being frozen to a Helsinki pavement amongst the grit and ice, and being stuck forever on a cruise ship in the Baltic sea.

Our rucksacks are getting heavier with duty-free vodka, gifted mittens and paper momentos.
10 countries.
13 nights.
Too many miles to calculate.
I think of arriving into Waterloo attached to my travel-worn thermal underwear and with a head full of finished moments.

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