November 13, 2006

A rough crossing to toytown Tallinn

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261_thumb.jpgWe’re back on the road, ok, ferry. And a bumpy one at that. Someone asked me at the conference (I think it was Nick) if I found pitching or rolling worse. I couldn’t tell him then, but I can now – it’s rolling, by a long way. The fast catamaran from Helsinki to Tallinn was like one big rollercoaster, but at least it was only an hour and a half long (although that’s considerably longer than your average rollercoaster ride).
We checked into our hostel in the old town – a considerable step down from the Radisson let me tell you – and the guy behind the desk who looked like an escaped axe murderer gave us the key to our little twin room (just couldn’t face the dorms).
Since we were keeping it basic with our accommodation, we gravitated towards one of the nicer restaurants in Tallinn to have our dinner – Italian of course.

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