October 3, 2006

A sleepwalking coronation

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I had a very lovely and relaxing weekend where I didn’t think about the project, or think or talk much in general. Returning on Monday I felt quite refreshed and with more brain space than at the end of last week.

However, my brain is obviously more overloaded than I realise. Last night I woke up standing on my bed in the pitch black, desperately trying to put the piece of head jewellery onto Katherine (who wasn’t there). In my sleep as I began to stand on the surface I remember thinking ‘this is a really unstable surface to do the dressing from’, and then ‘its really ridiculous to do this in the dark – I can’t see where her head is’. Upon exclaiming outloud ‘We need more light in here. This isn’t going to work’. I opened the curtain that hangs alongside my bed and woke up.

It strikes me that this has an interesting resonance with the pieces we’re making, and how you move from being outside a dream/fantasy world into being central to it yourself.

Shame my sleepwalks are never really useful in shedding light on the performance itself.

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