September 7, 2006

Afternoon shut-down

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Katie has just left the office for a walk, and
I’m realising I should have gone too. There are just too many things to
fit in and think about, and at some point your brain just stops doing
anything constructive.

Talking of strange brains, since getting the mannequins I’ve been
having dreams linked to the film Return to Oz. It has a sequence in
which the scary witch/woman’s interchangable heads (kept in cases)
start screaming. So I’ve been having a recurring dream where I wake up
wearing someone else’s head.
I haven’t seen the film for ages, but that has stuck with me, and I’m
currently trying to get hold of a copy of the film to exorcise it from
my head.

You’ll be pleased to hear there will be no interchangable heads in Treasured…

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