July 31, 2013

Audience feedback from Launch Events

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Our Launch events were blessed with sunny afternoons, and we had a great turnout at both. Here are the lovely things people wrote in our comments book after they’d listened to the audios.

Bandstand Audience comments in Guest book

West Park Wolverhampton
Wednesday 10th July 2013

A very enjoyable experience!

Absolute delight. Enchanting performance that had you oblivious to the other happenings in the park. Thank you.

A lovely experience, thanks

An enchanting experience, bringing a historic park feature to life!

My friend and I listened to the man/woman stories which created a sense of tension, unease and finally was very moving and affecting. The first experience of this kind I have taken part it, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A delightful interlude in my day.

A lovely story. I much preferred the woman’s story to the man’s as I thought it was more complex and interesting.

Really enjoyed this in beautiful sunshine. Something very moving and thoughtful about the ‘voice experience’. Lovely! Thank you.

Transported to another world. Dreamlike experience. Excellent.

Totally absorbed in the story.

Lightwoods Park, Bearwood
Thursday 11th July 2013

This was so lovely. Will come back again and bring friends too. Excellent!

Amazing! Shame it finished too soon – gripping stories! A great afternoon and my second visit to this park.

I really enjoyed it. It’s excellent. It made the whole park into a kind of set, like a piece of art that was part of the play. Interesting doing the moves – becoming the characters for a moment. Loved the music and blend of different voices. Interesting watching the kids gliding on their bikes right next to where the ice rink was set. Great job!

Intrigued by the play of ‘fact’ and fiction. Sense of different landscapes – real, imagined, absent, hypothetical. Also enjoyed the threads of narrative and collisions with space/time eg frozen ice, broken slats round the bandstand.

Congratulations to all involved. A really enjoyable experience on a beautiful sunny afternoon. I liked the variety of characters and how the narrative unfolded, the integration of local knowledge and history really placed the work in the setting. Nice to be invited to move around and engage with the environment, help to keep you engaged. Will look out for more!

I thought it was great but I didn’t like listening to myself but I loved it I’m gonna come again! MAKE MORE!!

Superb experience, fantastic site-specific audio. Thoroughly absorbing. Enjoyed the natural backgrounds, sounds and rhythms. More please.

Beautifully layered and transporting. Really enjoyed it and impressed how all the voices are sewn together. Will recommend to others! Thank you!

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