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Welcome to cardboard city

A brand new city has been built – right in the heart of Birmingham!  Unfortunately for anyone looking to move in, it will only remain intact during this weekend before it is entirely taken down again.  Happily, construction costs for the metropolis were kept very much on the low side after it was built using only recycled materials. In fact, the 3D city, which has been erected inside Moor Street Station in the centre of Birmingham, has been built out of old wood and card.

The architects and developers behind the ambitious scheme are all pupils from Chandos Primary School in Highgate.  The Cityscape project, which formed part of local Architecture Week, also involved visual artist Lorna Rose, Creative Partnerships Birmingham, and performers from The Other Way Works.  Pupils from Chandos, who built the city at school before it was taken to Moor Street, were also asked to come up with different uses for the various buildings.

Jane Packman, co-artistic director for The Other Way Works, which specialises in performing drama in unusual places, said: “We were working from the ideas that the children created for the buildings.  One youngster suggested a jail, someone else a robot house and another pupil a home for ants.”

The ideas were turned into visual stories which will be performed at the station today.  The 3D city will still be on show tomorrow.  Architecture Week is an Arts Council England led initiative.

Birmingham Mail, Saturday 23 June 07

Cityscape Credits


Project Directors – Katie Day and Jane Packman, The Other Way Works

Exhibition credits:

Visual Artist – Lorna Rose
Visual Arts Assistants – Emma Bowen and Emma Thompson
Participants – Pupils of Chandos Primary School, Highgate, Birmingham
Teacher – Miss Groom
Creative Partnerships – Rachel Carter

Performance devised and performed by the company:

Directors – Katie Day and Jane Packman
Performers – Marlene McKenzie, Toni Midlane, and Justyn Towler

Cityscape Performance History


This amazing 3D city was on display throughout Architecture Week in the glass sided unit on the station concourse at Moor Street Station, Birmingham City Centre 16-24th June 2007.

Performances for children inspired by the children’s buildings took place inside the 3D city
Moor Street Station, Birmingham City Centre

Saturday 23rd June 2007
Showing times:
11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
Performances lasted 30 minutes, and were enjoyed by children ages 5+ accompanied by an adult, and free of charge.