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Winner of the Hello Culture 2014 Open Data Award
Commissioned by Creative PIE 2014 on behalf of Creative Enterprise

Produced by The Other Way Works
Creative Director: Katie Day
Developer: Ed Porteous
Bird Illustrations by: Luke Thrush
Design by: Sebastian Harding
Scientific Inspiration: Prof Debra Skene, University of Surrey

Data from Creative PIE 2014

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We captured the data from over 100 delegates at the Creative Pie 2014 Conference. Using this data we created the charts above which break down our findings.

Extreme Owl: Characteristics & Habitat


Characteristics: You’re practically nocturnal! You really start to hit your stride around midnight, just when everyone else is flaking out. Mornings are rarely seen.

Habitat: Can be spotted tripping the light fantastic at 4AM. If not outside then you may find them working late into the night within doors.

Owl: Characteristics & Habitat


Characteristics: You’re the ultimate night owl. As the sun sets you come to life. Mornings are for lie-ins, or if you have to get up early there had better be coffee, and lots of it.

Habitat: Not often seen before midday. Usually found by night with a glass of red hidden in the depths of a wine bar.

Owlark: Characteristics & Habitat


Characteristics: You’re a bit of a ‘franken-bird’, part lark and part owl. Mornings hold no fear for you, but you like evenings too. You’re having your cake, and eating it.

Habitat: Adaptable to most environments. Often spotted outdoors in daylight hours.

Lark: Characteristics & Habitat


Characteristics: Your motto must be ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Mornings are the best, why would anyone waste them lying around in bed?

Habitat: Always wakes by around 7.30 AM. Can be seen commuting around an hour later.

Extreme Lark: Characteristics & habitat


Characteristics: You are the living embodiment of that phrase ‘up with the lark’. A super-early riser, evenings tend to be a total write-off as you’re tucking yourself up in bed by 9pm.

Habitat: Can be found at 5:00am noisily making breakfast