November 14, 2006

City fatigue

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258_thumb.jpgToday we are in Riga, Latvia, and for the first time the city fatigue started to sink in. Another day, another ridiculously beautiful Baltic/Scandinavian city. But, just couldn’t face another wander around, taking hundreds of photos of pretty buildings.
Ended up in a vegetarian indian restaurant, where much of its food is made using Ayurvedic principles. Felt pretty cleansed after my lunch of ‘winter soup’ and fresh mint tea, so we headed for the ‘Skybar’ to re-tox. It’s on floor 26 of some corporate hotel, and we sank a cocktail, while admiring the amazing view of the (lowrise) city.
We’re off out soon, back to the Ayurvedic place for dinner, since it has a massive veggie menu, and no Italian food in sight.
We’re here tonight, then take a five hour bus to Vilnius tomorrow, then a ten hour train the next day to Warsaw. Wish us luck!

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