August 30, 2006

Drinks in the Green Room

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This evening we went to meet up with the three jewellers we’ve commissioned work from for Treasured. Katie and I met with Mikaela, Louise and John in the Green Room, a favourite haunt in the Arcadian. Sam came along too, who is one of our two performers for the show.

I got very excited earlier today as John sent me a picture of his piece, which is designed for the head. Louise also brought her’s along in the back of her mini, so I went outside in the drizzle to have a look. It’s fantastic and I’d quite like a version of it for myself, but perhaps a bit too amazing to wear around the bull ring, or down to the market to buy some veg. Katie and I decided not to transport it back on the 47 bus tonight.

Mikaela is going to lend us her mannequins that I’ve had my eye on. They are beautifully shabby, bald female models, currently with their legs in different places to the rest of them. I don’t know if we’ll end up using them in the show, but it will be nice to have them around the place anyway. I think they may need names if they’re here to stay.

Apart from that we sat around drinking some wine and getting to know each other. It’s strange as I’ve been communicating with them all about the jewellery for over a month, and it’s always been easy and friendly, but this is the first time I have learnt about them personally. Usually we work in such close proximity to collaborators that I feel I know them better than I do.

Can’t wait to recieve the pieces at the end of this week.

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