September 28, 2006

Finding the hook

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We’re beginning to make some real headway with the audiences journey within the jewellery rituals. This morning we looked at the head piece. Yesterday I was concerned it had no clear hook into it, however reading over the notes again before walking in I began to see some shapes of movement and things begin to shift into an order.

As we worked through the morning we found elements that worked, others that don’t and I can’t always find the way through. It’s funny, there is no panic, I know we’ll find them soon and it would be wrong if they appreared instantly. This part of the process is a gradual shaping and enhancing of all the best bits from the last 2 weeks. Along the way we’ll discover new moments too, whose presence will influence everything that’s already there. Its where you begin to realise just how much material you’ve generated.We are working with bright sounds and a narrow, long performance space to create a greater feeling of height and distance for this one.

In the afternoon Katie came in and saw the head piece and the neck piece from yesterday. She made notes and fed back to us. She commented that now she is further removed from the process she gets more nervous taking part in the performance – a bit more like a real audience member. This is extremely helpful as she helped to spot when things were confusing or too unsettling.

Mostly in the rehearsal room I am taking the role of audience member, swapping occasionally with the girls so they can experience the effect. Being so involved continuously in such a multi-sensory world I find I gradually begin to lose my sharpness and judgement. Today it was great to have Katie confirm lines of thought i’d also been going down myself as well as helping re-focus my mind by asking questions and making suggestions.

I’m looking forward to working a bit more on the head and arms tomorrow.

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