Call Girls (2007)

A rare opportunity to see The Other Way Works venture in from their natural habitat out in the real world, and try their luck on stage in a theatre. You even get to stay sitting in your comfy seat. All we ask is that you keep your mobile phone switched ON, and be prepared to use it. The girls are waiting for your call…
Please be aware that everything you see on stage is happening for real. Nothing is faked. We are putting our trust in you.

This work is in its early stages of development. We are currently considering our options about what the next step is. Any offers of development support are welcome.

Call Girls Production History

July 14, 2013 by

Performance History

PILOT 13, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, 12 December 2007

Call Girls: Katherine Maxwell-Cook, Louise Platt, Jess Mackinnon, Samantha Ann Fox, Lauren Hart
Direction: Katie Day
Original Concept: Katie Day and Fran Whitaker, and the Call Girls from MATP 2002/3.