August 14, 2014

Potential Markets & Routes to Market

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Funeral Directors
In the future, when there will be more electronic, online documentation of peoples’ whole lives, the Funeral industry would be a strong market for this type of fully automated product. At this moment in time, manual selection of images from online and offline sources by friends and family using an image slideshow programme will produce the best effect.

Gift Experience
As a direct to consumer service Protagonist would be best pitched at the gift market. Our market research suggested that people would be more likely to buy the service for a friend or family member than for themselves (which would feel/be perceived to be vain or self-obsessed). This may work better on an annual model (showing the user’s year online, rather than their whole life), to allow for repeat custom.

Brand/Event Marketing Campaign
The service could be built for a one-off brand marketing campaign if commissioned.
A focus on an individual’s, or a group of friends’ experience of a specific event as documented on social media could be a good adaptation of the service for this market.

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