August 14, 2014

Services that could help us make it

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Various existing services could potentially be integrated into the Protagonist system, as follows:

Allows users to make videos from photos and video from social media sites and uploads, using pre-defined themes. Has a for-business package and API. Could use this to produce the videos from the selected content.

Watercolour Maps
Beautiful watercolour-look maps using Open Street Map. Could be used as a personalisable map element within the video.

User Testing
Remote video documented user testing service. Could be used to obtain rich feedback on the sign-up process and responses to the video outputs.

A web service for real-time text analysis and computer vision. Performs sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, entity extraction, image tagging etc on web content.

Full Contact API
A web service that creates a blended person profile and friends list from a user’s various social media accounts.

TinyEye Reverse Image service
A service to see if images are original or have been posted elsewhere online. This can be used to identify meme images that are re-posted by social media users. Could be used for meme removal to ensure only content personal content is included in the user’s video.
A cloud media processing service. Could use for online, programatic video rendering.

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