Play A Moment of Madness

You will need:

1 laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC) connected to the internet

At least one smartphone; additional devices (smartphones, tablets) will come in very handy

Paper and pen to takes notes

A team of 2-4 people (including you) all in the same location, sharing the equipment listed above

How to play:

The experience runs continuously for 75 minutes.

The experience runs in an internet browser, we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer (your primary device). You will also access information on the web browser on your smartphones/tablets (your secondary devices).

There are no additional apps or software to download.

You will need to be able to make outgoing phone calls to UK phone numbers

The age guidance for this experience is 14+. Some of the content isn’t suitable for younger audiences.

Top tips for wannabe spies:

You will be undertaking a live stake-out mission via CCTV surveillance. This is playing out in real-time so you won’t be able to start and stop, rewind and refresh once the action begins. Before you start, check you have everything ready: make sure you have compiled your spy tools (notepad, phones etc.);  refreshments and, for goodness sake, have a wee.

Good spy work is about working as a team. Delegate. Share. Offer encouragement and suggestions to your teammates. Do not be tempted to try and do this on your own!  Every spy needs a team mate, even if just for moral support and sharing doughnuts.

Spy work is hard. Sometimes it feels like you’re just watching and waiting and then sometimes too many things happen at once. Accept this inevitable fate. The conditions will not be perfect. You are not perfect. Rise above these expectations. The experience will help you along if you feel lost or stuck. We are all committed to helping you make a success of this important mission. Good luck!

Ready to play?

You have been sent this letter. Read it now.

Take a moment to check you have everything you need, grab a drink, and buckle up for an hour and a quarter of being an armchair MI5 Field Agent!

Play Now:

You should be viewing this page on your laptop or desktop computer, using the Firefox or Chrome web browser. If you are, then you are ready to click on the image below to begin the experience.