Green Shoots (in development)

Green Shoots is a new narrative interactive experience for children and their grandparents addressing the climate emergency. The experience sees a primary-aged child and their grandparent work together as a team (remotely online or in the same location) through a series of puzzle-based games, online content, and a physical storybook to unlock a story and open up a conversation on a future shaped by climate breakdown.

Green Shoots will be an interactive experience that tells a specific, locally relevant story, which is grounded in the lived experience of a child experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis. Explored through a climate justice lens, immediate, tangible, local issues such as illegally poor air quality will provide a gateway to finding a connection to the global climate movement. The experience will open up opportunities for collaborative intergenerational problem solving between children and grandparents, and invite visioning of positive green futures.

Photos by Sushobhan Badhai, Jaakko Kemppainen, Hello I’m Nik, K. Mitch Hodge, and Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

Concept development phase in 2021 supported by ArtsConnect via a Thrive grant

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