Watershed’s Theatre Sandbox (2010)

Artistic Director Katie Day has a particular interest in new technologies and how they can enhance the theatre experience. In 2010 she undertook a year-long Cultural Leadership Programme placement at Watershed in Bristol, where she produced the inaugural and highly successful Theatre Sandbox commissioning scheme.

Theatre Sandbox is a development scheme which supports practitioners from across the UK to develop new work using digital technologies.

In a rapidly shifting technological landscape, finding time and space to develop artistic projects that explore the potential of new technologies is difficult. Theatre Sandbox addresses this dilemma. It does not set out to establish or promote technology-obsessed performance, but instead enables and supports theatre-makers who wish to integrate new tools into their practice.

The Theatre Sandbox scheme extends the learning gained from running Media Sandbox and is iShed’s first national initiative. The six 2010 Commissions were selected by a team of leading theatre-makers and producers for their artistic merit, their approach and their openness to collaborative working.