I Am Waiting For The Opportunity To Save Someone’s Life (2006)

1 empty shop, 6 weeks in the making, 10 artists, 3 hours to explore.

“Most of all I enjoyed the atmosphere. I really found it transporting, I felt that I was in a different world.” Audience Member

“It was a new and exciting theatre performance. It raises lots of issues about society, about waiting. And it makes you question yourself as well.” Audience Member

Supremely surreal and atmospheric, I am waiting for the opportunity to save someone’s life was created and performed in a shop unit in Birmingham’s classy shopping complex, The Mailbox.
The ten-strong artistic team from seven different disciplines had six weeks to transform the unit, previously owned by a florist, into a walk-through performance.

Pivoting around the theme of waiting, I am waiting lasted 3 hours. Audiences were free to stay for as long as they wanted and roam the eight rooms encountering performers, video projections, soundscapes and familiar rooms with an unfamiliar edge. And yes, we did make our audiences wait; most notably in the reception room of a mysterious company called The Q…

Funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

I Am Waiting Credits

July 24, 2013 by

Alexandra Boussoulega – Scenographer
Sarah Coyle – Performer
Katie Day – Director
Mark Day – Sound Designer
Chris Keenan – Film Maker and Photographer
Elyssa Livergant – Dramaturg
Ben Pacey – Lighting Designer
Jane Packman – Director
Louise Platt – Performer
Rania Yfantidou – Scenographer

Gareth Nicholls – Production Manager
Maggie Chipperfield, Julia Stidolph, Katie Sigafoos, Ailsa Hardy, Winifred Roberts Mok – Receptionists/Front of House

Thanks to:
Lucy Record, Zoe Charaktinou, Mark Basterfield and Ed Porteous, Nick Walker
Everyone who has contributed through attending work in progress sharings and posting on our Forum www.iamwaiting.co.uk
The Artbox, THE pUBLIC, and mac

Company Interviews

July 16, 2013 by

Apple Room Monologue


Extract from the performance.
Audio listened to by audience members on a pair of headphones, whilst standing in a small room with a sink and a pile of (peeled and unpeeled) apples.

I Am Waiting Video Extract


Extract from the performance: Watching the monitors