July 24, 2013

Black Tonic 2008 Credits

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Directed by Katie Day
Text by Clare Duffy
Scenography by Xristina Penna
Video by Chris Keenan
Sound by Mark Day
Dramaturgy by Elyssa Livergant
Stage management by Rob Drummer
Scientific Collaborator Professor Debra Skene
Original show design by Alexandra Boussoulega & Rania Yfantidou
Devised and performed by Laura Ellison, Peter Kennedy, Katherine Maxwell-Cook, Gareth Nicholls, Lou Platt, Magdalena Tuka
Waitress played by Sara Cocker & Lydia Hirst
Receptionist played by Arianna Glenton & Seda Jackson

Originally commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre. Funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award, Arts Council England, Birmingham City Council and The Sir Barry Jackson Trust. Supported by Contact Theatre, CPT and mac

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