November 7, 2006

Bruxelles Rendevous

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Jane and I met up at Bruxelles-Midi train station, went straight to Haagen Daas, and got a belgian waffle down us.
We had about five hours to kill before our overnight train to Hamburg, so walked into the city and explored for a while. My geographer genes told me that if we walked up the hill we’d be sure to find something interesting, and we were rewarded with a big cathedral, lovely old narrow streets and courtyards, and a great little Italian restaurant where the owners treated you like family (and I got to do all the ordering in Italian, hooray).
Then it was into the poshest sleeper cabin I’ve ever been in for the train journey to Hamburg, complete with sink and towels in a little cabinet, and breakfast served on our cabin’s table in the morning. How very civilised.

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