July 14, 2013

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‘Complimentary’ is an intimate performance for an audience of one that takes place at the bar, rather than inside the theatre auditorium. It has been designed for performance in Theatre and Arts Centre bars. The performance was commissioned by Experiment:Grow, and has been presented at Warwick Arts Centre’s theatre bar in May 2008 as part of the ‘Bite-Size’, where it was free of charge to audiences. The performance is devised by the Company.

Complimentary tours with 2 performers and 1 Production Manager.

The Company can perform up to 12 fifteen-minute one-to-one shows per day (4 hours of performance).

We prefer to make a venue pre-visit, in order to select the best positioning for the performance in the bar area, and make any adaptations to the performance so it will fit with the specific venue.

We require that the bar is open and serving for the duration of the performances – we work around the existing clientele using the bar.

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