June 20, 2011

Filming Avon Calling – would you like to star as an audience member in our film of the show?

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    Seeking ‘Audience Members’ for film of Avon Calling

    • Are you interested in the work of The Other Way Works?
    • Do you have a background in acting?
    • Are you free this Sunday afternoon from 12-6pm (26th June)?

    Then we’d love it if you could join us as we film Avon Calling, in the starring role of one of six ‘audience members’.

    We’ve just finished a successful run of Avon Calling in association with mac Birmingham. Our next job is to create a film of the piece that we will use to promote the show to encourage future bookings.

    As you may know, Avon Calling is a show performed in audience members’ own homes, in their lounge, and takes the form of an Avon Party. Its very participatory.

    In order to properly reflect this, we need an ‘audience’ of six people to appear in our film of the piece – and this is where you come in. We have found from past experience that when it comes to filming, our audience members need to have the ability to act – you’ll need to act surprised, or amused etc even on the third or fourth take!

    It would be great if you were able to spend the afternoon with us on Sunday 26th June to be in the film. You’d also get to see most of the show, as it gets filmed. And we’ll all go out for a curry (on us) afterwards to say thanks.

    Sunday 26 June (this Sunday)
    12pm – 6pm
    House on Stirchley/Kings Heath border, Birmingham
    Wear what you’d wear to go to a friends house for an night with friends

    If you would like to take part, please email info@theotherwayworks.co.uk ASAP.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Katie Day, Artistic Director, The Other Way Works


    Avon Calling, Productions post by .

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