September 24, 2006

Friday fun

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Thursday evening saw Sam and I collecting long strands of ivy from my overgrown garden to hang up in in the outside space. We also enjoyed some tea in my kitchen to find the most appropriate taste (Lemon Verberna). On Friday morning we created a den, which included a hint of each piece of jewellery in it. We had everyone sitting on the floor on cushions, choosing between smells, textures, body parts and numbers. The conclusion was that there were too many influences within the space (childhood, ethnic, celtic, japanese tea ceremony), but the ivy made amazing shadows and the tea was ace.

Lou Platt (who we’ve worked with most recently on I Am Waiting) came along on Friday to help us out. She did two days devising on Treasured in May, but being a drama therapist ment she could only give us a few days at this stage. It was so good to have her expertise on ritual (used in drama therapy) as well as her fresh eye on the material and enthusiasm.

Particularly enjoyed by Lou, and the rest of us, was the poetical brilliance of Katherine Maxwell-Cook, who wrote a delicious poem for the neck piece – looks like this one’s here to stay.

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