November 20, 2006

Home at last

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We finally made it back to London at lunchtime on Saturday 18th November. The twelve hour train journey from Warsaw to Cologne had passed easily for me (I dozed a lot of the way on my bed in the sleeper carriage), but more difficultly for Jane, who was still ill and couldn’t get to sleep.
We endured a three hour wait at Cologne train station in the early hours of Saturday morning, then onto a smooth, fast train to Bruxelles. We had enough time to get an early lunch in, before boarding our last train – the Eurostar – to London.

Well it certainly was a long way round, took a lot longer than flying, and was pretty exhausting at times. But we saw so many new countries and beautiful cities, had an adventure, and started to get a grasp of just how big Europe really is. Bring on the next trip!

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