September 24, 2006

Making spaces – an old house

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We had some fun at the end of this week making suggestions for the outside ‘chill-out’ space. Katie and I are really keen to create a transition space between the real world and the dressing chamber of Treasured.
In our last two productions we’ve been very aware that through creating a convincing, theatrical world within our performances we left our audiences with a potentially unnerving transition back to the outside again. We want to make a space that is not a highly charged, theatrical holding pen for the dressing chamber, but is somewhere where people can relax and return to having been dressed in the jewellery.

On Thursday Katie and Katherine did one around the theme of an ‘old house’. The seats were covered in dust sheets. There was a tea set on a side table, and books covered in talcum powder. Best of all were the Viennese Whirls Katie had brought in, that not only fitted the space perfectly, but tasted very good!

Part of the idea of this space is that while you’re in it you get to chose which piece of jewellery you wear. However, we don’t want to reveal the actual jewellery, so on Wednesday Katie set the perforers the task of coming up with a selection process that would related to and led to the jewellery.

Katherine had made three pictures that were hung on the walls of the ‘old house’. These included images, textures, colours, words and things to touch. While you were in the space you decided which you were most drawn to, and this is your jewellery choice. I liked that it was so hands off – you could choose at your own pace and view from a distacne or close to.

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