September 17, 2007

Pilot – a mixed bag

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Pilot #12 went down well on Thursday night, the audience was almost full, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves on the whole.  The performances were, as ever, a mixed bag.  The number of applicants for this event, and the breadth, style, and level of maturity of the material both proposed and performed shows the need for events like this.  And also for several events like this, to allow for Pilot to show the slightly higher calibre of w-i-p, but for there to still be support and an event for work being made by artists fresh out of training (which would necessarily be ‘younger’).

My highlight was Edward Rapley’s performance (the company is called the Licensees).  It was incredibly bold and brave, stripped back and actually honest.  He threw a jug of water over the audience, and everyone was glad of it, and finished by "offering himself as a sacrifice" and jumping off the top of a ladder.  It was hilarious.  The funniest thing for me was that he was friends with my younger brother at school, and used to come round my house as a kid.  Small world.


Stuff we've watched post by .

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