March 14, 2013

Recording Session – Development Blog – Katie Day

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For the first time we actually recorded our voices at a recording studio, rather than a bedroom or outdoors. We have 6 different voices on the Lightwoods Park track, which seemed too many to record outdoors.

We recorded at the Blue Whale Studio in the Custard Factory, Birmingham, and had a good and productive day last Friday. I’m back there tomorrow to record the final two voices: Gareth, a long-standing collaborator; and Catrin, a 9 year old girl.

The photo features Tom Naylor (aka Mr Naylor MC), who came in last Friday to record his own pieces of text that he has written for the Lightwoods Park story. Obviously used to doing his stuff in front of a mike! In fact everyone was a real pro on Friday (apart from me – I’m reading the instructions!)

Once the final two voices are recorded, we’ll be sending the files to Mark the Composer/Sound Designer to get to work on pulling them together into a soundscape. We’re hoping for jazz music, wintry sounds, and the sounds of skateboards on a ramp, to compliment the voices and the story.

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