September 18, 2006

Struggling on Monday

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Having just emerged from a very hot bath where I steamed with a glass of wine and some Rufus Wainwright songs I feel delirious enough to write about today. Ok, it wasn’t THAT bad, I think I was just struggling – having one of those days.

The morning started pretty well. Katie brought in an interesting book called Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels. Sam read the prologue – a fascinatingly poetic narrative about the ‘bog boy’ with so many amazing images and wonderful words it leaves you reeling.
Katherine did some research on the coronation of our current Queen. Elizabeth apparently took the whole thing very seriously, practicing in the ballroom which she marked out in tape, and joining sheets together to make her train. Having done this work and watched ‘The Queen'(a new film), Katherine seems to be worryingly obsessed with our monarch, or perhaps, as Katie fears, she has turned into a royalist!

Anyway, after that things just didn’t connect. Katherine and I (in a pair) found it hard to create a new ritual, even after incorporating the eating of some cake that my Mum had made. We looked at instructing the audience member on the experience before they took part in it. This was better, but the room was very hot and stuffy today, and my focus still drifted more than usual.

Lastly today we sat in the bar at mac and wrote for 3 minutes at a time about the history (discovery/making) of each item of jewellery. This was great, and not only because I could have a beer, but everyone came out with unique stories. It was really interesting hearing everyone’s differing styles: Katherine always writes intricate, descriptive text that uses repetition; Katie’s are focused and emotional; and Sam’s imaginative and surreal. Don’t know that I can characterise my own, but the general feeling seemed to be that it got better with editing – so maybe I should take a hint, and end this blog…

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