April 17, 2014

Technology Feasibility Study Brief

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Technology Feasibility Study – ‘Protagonist’


Deliver a technical specification and development plan for a prototype of an online app that automatically generates a short film memoir about a user from their social media content.


£1,000 to deliver the Feasibility Study. We would estimate this to be 2 days work.


‘Protagonist’ is a practical attempt to make sense of our vast stashes of online personal data in a human, emotional and narrative way.

This is an early stage research project funded by REACT (http://www.react-hub.org.uk/protagonist/) and is collaboration between Katie Day, Artistic Director of The Other Way Works, a theatre company based in Birmingham, and Dr John Troyer, Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath.

Requirements for the Prototype:

1.  Gathers social media content from user’s accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+);
2.  Produces a video from user’s social media content;
3.  Content of video aims to be of significance to the user (it is anticipated that this would be achieved by automated classification and clustering of content);
4.  Video looks attractive and professionally produced;
5.  Video is 1-3 minutes in length;
6.  It should be cost effective and seek to use pre-existing assets, services and tools;
7.  Cost of Prototype development does not exceed £40,000.

Requirements for the Feasibility Study:

1.  It will include a proposed technical solution;
2.  The development plan will include effort estimates and suggested delivery timescale;
3.  The technical specification and development plan should be clearly and realistically costed;
4.  A list of the technologies required;
5.  Person specifications for developing and integrating these technologies, and leading the project;
6.  A Skype meeting with Katie Day after the study is complete to discuss the proposal.

Application Process:

Please get in touch with Katie Day via email to info@theotherwayworks.co.uk by 6pm on Friday 25th April 2014 to express your interest in delivering this brief.

Please provide a brief overview of your relevant experience. Include any links to your CV, portfolio or existing apps.

We have more detailed requirements and use cases for the prototype that we will supply to the selected applicant.

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