July 14, 2013

What Is Home?

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Audience responses to the question “What is home?”

At the end of their Homing Instinct experience audience members wrote their responses to the question on the wing of a paper aeroplane, then pegged the plane up on a line with hundreds of others.

I don’t know any more. I’ve told myself for 3 years that it’s wherever I lay my hat… but I don’t know any more.

A place that you feel a sense of privacy, comfortable, want to invite people to come and see you and have fun – chat – eat, and you want to come back to. To roll on the floor. Play drums loudly. Grow things – see them grow instead of moving to the next place.

No place – just to be free – to fly free.

Home is your original base, childhood and original friends first made. It’s your first part of your history. This stays with you always.

Home is where I am comfortable, happy and secure. Where the people around me love me for what I am, and I love them for what they are.

Big fridge, cheese and shower gel I can’t afford, things to break, arguments, beach (blow out cobwebs).

Home is by the sea, eating fish & chips with my Mum & Dad by the pier and listening to the seagulls and not having to worry about anything.

Home is in your head.

Home is comfort, security, a sense of ease and familiarity. – Somewhere taken for granted when you are there, missed when you are not.

The freedom to be spontaneously myself

Somewhere you long for, somewhere that causes you pain, a place of warmth and welcome, things that are familiar – familiarity, in my husband’s arms.

A place to be alone.

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