April 14, 2013

What to know before you book

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Want to know more before you book?

Sure, that’s fine, and thanks for your interest in Avon Calling.

Below is some more information about the show, how to book a performance, and how it works in your home after you’ve booked it.

The Company

The Other Way Works is a Birmingham, UK based theatre company formed in 2001, led by Katie Day. We create highly interactive performance experiences, frequently for small audiences – sometimes even for one at a time. Our theatre is playful and draws the audience into the very heart of the experience.

The Show

Ding, dong. “Avon Calling!” Join the Avon Lady in the cosy surrounds of your own living room for an intimate Avon Party with a twist. Invite your friends round to share in a celebration of beauty in all its forms, and uncover the secrets that lurk beneath your visitor’s perfectly polished exterior.

Avon Calling is an intimate solo performance for real homes.

What previous audience members and hosts thought

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful theatrical experience in my living room last night! What a brilliant evening – we sat around for ages afterwards, deconstructing and analysing the show. It was an amazing experience to offer my friends and I’d recommend the show to anyone!”

“Similar to an actual Avon Party, but with a few twists and turns. Not all a barrel of laughs, but very moving and thought-provoking.”

“The performer was spot on … really drawing you into the show. Her ability to ‘hold a (sometimes uncomfortable) moment’ when so close to her audience was amazing.”

“Very intimate and poignant with some good belly laughs thrown in for good measure”

“It made me laugh and cry within the same 5 minutes”

“great concept and really well executed”

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Avon Calling a few weeks ago. I hosted a party and really enjoyed it. I found it both great entertainment and a thoughtful performance.”

How It Works

Avon Calling is a performance that will take place in your living room – just like a real Avon party might take place. The Avon lady will ring your doorbell, set up her product display in your front room and begin…

After booking the performance, you will be sent more detailed information and we will be in touch around two weeks before the performance date to firm up details and talk through any concerns you may have. On the agreed day and time, we will turn up and perform in your living room, we don’t need any set-up time in advance. There is a company of two (1 actor, 1 stage manager), a trunk of props and Avon products – and that’s it. All we require is access to a power supply (just your usual plug sockets), and for you to have cleared a space in your living room (pushing any coffee tables to one side). The audience will be sat on your sofa, chairs, and on the floor of your living room during the performance. As each home is different we will be in direct contact with you regarding room access.

We appreciate that you may be a little apprehensive about having a performance in your home. However, please relax and be assured that we know what we’re doing. We promise to be careful of your home, sensitive to your needs, and to be the best house-guests we can!

How To Book

Rather than buy individual tickets like for a regular theatre show, you actually buy the show itself. For performance cost please see your local venue’s website. You pay at the time of booking. This covers the cost of us coming and performing the show in your own living room for you, your friends and family.

The maximum capacity for a performance is 10 people – any more and you don’t get the special intimate experience that works best for the show. If you split the cost of the booking between you, it works out about the same as most theatre tickets.

If you are interested in booking Avon Calling, phone the box office at your local venue. You will book a specific date and time, and pay for it then. It’s simple. After you have booked, a representative of The Other Way Works will be in touch to talk more about the show and answer your questions.
Check the website for details of upcoming tour dates and venues.

Avon Calling was commissioned by mac, and supported by Arts Council England

www.theotherwayworks.co.uk / www.twitter.com/otherwayworks

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