September 6, 2006

Brain – work

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It is a fine balance managing both the company
and directing the performances, this afternoon we finally got round to
doing some directing prep work.

First off was to look at the aims of the project. These have
natuarally come about as the concept evolved, but we found it really
useful with I Am Waiting to have them written down as reference for
ourselves, and also to create a joint understanding with all
There are about five aims altogether. As usual with our work the
audience role is key, so this time we aim to give them an experience in
which they feel chosen, connected and affirmed.

Katie and I had a lengthy discussion about how vital the role of
touch is as an aspect of the performance. This is not necessarily skin
to skin, but in placing jewellery on someone else you engage their
sense of touch. I described some moments in my life where I have been
touched by a stranger on my hands or head and felt a connection or
exhilaration because of it: recieving a blessing on my head in church;
being given a string of beads into my clasped hands. For Katie, it
seems, these moments are less dramatic, and we therefore concluded that
our audiences reactions will vary hugely too.

We have also set an exercise to bring in to the rehearsal room on
Monday: to find a story relating to a dressing ritual, and if useful to
bring in music and objects linked to the story.

I love planning, so despite heading home in the rain I felt pleased.

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