July 16, 2013

Lightwoods Park Bandstand

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Lightwoods Park
This is just an ordinary park on an ordinary day: a man with a baby circles the park; a man huddles on the bandstand; a woman walks her labrador across the grass; a skater practices his moves in the skate park.
But look more closely and traces of magic appear: snowy footprints on the grass; a glimpse of a large animal in the trees; a ghostly figure walking out of the locked up house; the crack of ice…

Solo – A mysterious story inspired by Lightwoods Park. To be listened to alone.

Produced by The Other Way Works
Commissioned by Black Country Touring
Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Concept & Direction Katie Day
Writing & Research Katherine Maxwell Cook
Produced by Katie Day & Katherine Maxwell Cook
Sound Design Mark Day
App Calvium
Illustration Luke Thrush

Additional text Mr Naylor
Voices Mr Naylor, Ali Belbin, Greg Hobbs, Gareth Nicholls, Catrin Talbot, Katie Day
Musicians Mark Day (various), Nick Mather (double bass), Paul Lawson (drums), James Atashroo (trumpet)

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