July 16, 2013

West Park Bandstand

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West Park
Step back in time to a carefree, sunlit Sunday in post-war Wolverhampton. Music wafting on the breeze, the sharp taste of lemonade in your mouth, and your dance partner’s hand on your back as you whirl together around the bandstand. But as the clouds begin to gather a decision needs to be made, and one that will change the course of a whole life.

Solo – The story of a couple told from the woman’s perspective, to be listened to alone.
2-Person – The story of a couple told from the woman and the man’s perspective, to be listened to at the same time as a partner, one listens to the man and one to the woman.

Produced by The Other Way Works
Commissioned by Black Country Touring
Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Concept & Direction Katie Day
Writing & Research Katherine Maxwell Cook
Produced by Katie Day & Katherine Maxwell Cook
Sound Design Mark Day
App Calvium
Illustration Luke Thrush

Voices Ali Belbin & Greg Hobbs
Brass Band Chapeltown Silver Prize Band recorded at Chapeltown Park, Sheffield, 2012

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