November 13, 2006

Lost in Tallinn

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In the morning we thought it would be best to go to the bus station and buy our tickets for the bus to Riga later in the afternoon. So carrying all our stuff we started out on our mission. We got on one tram, then came back one stop on the same one, asked some studenty types where to go since we had no clue by this point, got back on the tram into town, then stood looking bewildered at a complicated map of the Tallinn public transport system, pretty much back where we started an hour earlier. Thankfully our guardian angel turned up at that point in the form of a very lovely Estonian lady, who spoke good English and worked as a tourist guide. She showed us the way, and eventually we reached the bus station and sorted everything out.
Back in the Old Town, we had a good wander around the beautiful cobbled streets, and gawped at the turrets and pastel coloured historic buildings. The place is so consistent and well preserved that it feels a bit like a Medieval Town Theme Park, but not in a tacky way.

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