August 14, 2013

Protagonist – automatically generated film memoirs

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We have been awarded a £15,000 Feasibility grant from REACT to research a new project.

Have you ever wished that someone would make a film of your life?
What if you’d already done most of the hard work without even noticing?

We’ll take all the stuff that you’ve posted online – the status updates, the shaky-cam videos, the happy snaps, the moments of poignancy and of triumph – and weave them into a personal life documentary using our specially made digital curator bots, and watch them transform these scraps into a brief, beautiful visual memoir.

The grant will fund pre-prototype activity on this project.

Protagonist is a practical attempt to make sense of our vast stashes of personal data in a human, emotional, narrative way. Using their own social media content, we want to create a short film memoir of an individual – with the output feeling meaningful, personalised, beautiful and potentially provocative. And we want to see if we can create this using an automated process.

Our ambition is that the Protagonist service will be used within the Afterlife Retreat, but also as a commercial, stand-alone, direct-to-consumer product.

Protagonist, React post by .

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