August 24, 2006

Treasured – the madness begins

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Treasured is the latest performance by The Other Way Works, a theatre company that I direct with Katie. For the next 2 months my blog will follow the journey of the production through to the first performance in October. We always go through a lot when devising a new show, really really good times, terrible times, frustration, exhaustion, panic and exhilaration. I’ll try to get as much of it down as I can.

I have set myself three rules:

  1. I’ll write at least 2 entries a week
  2. I have 20 minutes to write it
  3. I mustn’t edit (I’m an editing fanatic!)

Currently Katie and I are drowning in marketing work prior to starting devising (check out the home page of our website to see the flyer) so I’ll fill you in on the production as we go.

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