September 10, 2006

Up Close invitation

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We start devising tomorrow in the Foyle Gallery
at mac – really lucky as this is where we’re performing initially which
makes life easier. Also mac is a nice place to be: you can escape in to
the park at lunchtime and hang out with the geese; or have a cup of tea
in the cafe; you see lots of friendly faces.

Mac has just undergone a transformation (or re-painting really). All
the staff took part in a 3 day overhaul of the downstairs area, it is
now mostly green and cream, with a bit of red and grey thrown in for
good measure.

You should come along and have a look on tuesday when we’re doing
our first UP CLOSE sharing. We’re holding two of these whilst creating
Treasured. You can come and see a bit of work we’ve done, ask questions
about it, give us suggestions, then have a drink and a chat with us.
They’re usually quite good fun, casual but hopefully interesting for
both you and us.

This week I think you’ll be in for a treat, as you might be the
first people to see the jewellery. I think it’s crazy, and extreme, and
beauitful, but i’d like to know what you think.

Tuesday 12th September
Foyle Gallery, mac (Birmingham)
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